Traceability card

Land register F.M. 3, parcels: n° 8-9
Land register F.M. 1047, parcels: n° 139-143-144-188
Total Ha: 12,60 all estate property
Frantoio - Leccino - Moraiolo - Rosciola - Carboncella
Pesticide Treatments
under an ecological cultivation program;
Reg. EU 1257/1999 ex 2078/92
from 20th October to 20th November
through mechanical cold extraction in own property oil mill. The storage is in stainless steel tanks insulated and maintained at a constant temperature and in nitrogen pressure.

Tasting card

light oil, of intense taste rich of fruity perfumes and polyphenols that grant it a long lasting conservation
Pietra Porzia Estate, the extra virgin olive oil